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In response to a bunch of fake images from Curiosity going around Tumblr, I’ve assembled a little post explaining where various photographs actually came from.

Row 1: Fake. The first picture is an image from Mars (see below) with the Tatooine sunset from Star Wars photoshopped over it. The second is a CGI image made with some astronomy software, supposedly showing what Earth, Venus, and Jupiter would look like from Mars.

Row 2: Real, but not from Curiosity. The images are courtesy of the last two Mars Exploration Rover twins, Spirit (who photographed the sunset) and Opportunity (who photographed the footprints).

Row 3: Actual images from Curiosity.

Get yo facts straight people. We have to see a million other fandoms and hear ya’ll quibble over them when someone gets somethin wrong, now it’s our turn to do some fact-setting.

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    REAL MARS IS BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH OKAY Photoshop and making beautiful not-real things is fun and I always appreciate good...
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