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Dedication ceremonies for the Mercury 7 memorial near Complex 14, 10 November 1964.  Mr K. Kleinknecht, NASA-MSC former Project Mercury Manager receives a medallion from J. Dempsey, General Dynamic’s President, during the Project Mercury Monument Dedication.

Second photo: Astronaut Walter Schirra and Walter Williams, Deputy Director of for Mission Requirements, at Mercury 7 memorial dedication.

It’s interesting to see just how much the area around this has changed. The shrubs are overhanging the road, and the grass is unkempt. The pad can no longer be seen, and the roads are worn and cracking. I wonder what it will be like in 500 years when the time capsule is opened?

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    We Americans love to commemorate stuff right after it happens, don’t we? Project Mercury had barely given way to Gemini...
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    Love these pictures. And I’ll always love the guy on the far left in the bottom picture, who was clearly teleported from...
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