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Computer Simulation of the liftoff of the Souyz-O3b F1 mission which just launched from ESA’s French Guiana spaceport.

The first two show the rocket just after launch, the third shows the four strap-on boosters falling away; the fourth, the core stage burning. The fifth shows the payload faring falling away once above the atmosphere, and the sixth is Second stage ignition. The three items around the stage that are separated is the stage adapter. The seventh image shows the second stage burning. The seventh shows the second stage burning, and the final shows the Fregat stage shortly before ignition. 

It will be several more hours before the 03b F1 payloads are delivered to their final orbits. In the images, there is a graph on the left-hand side which shows the trajectory, speed, and specifications of that specific phase of the flight. V is velocity in kilomretres per second, A is altitude in Kilometres, and i’m honestly not quite sure what S is. In the upper right, we see time since lift-off.

03b F1 is a broadband communications satellite constellation, of which this is the first launch for. Cruise ships, remote islands and mobile networks will be infinitely times faster.

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