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My latest obsession: Clermont’s Citrus Tower. Originally built as a tourist attraction in the mid 1950’s, the Citrus Tower became central Florida’s most famous landmark for over a decade.Towering above seemingly endless orange groves, the Citrus Tower commanded the hilltop upon which it was built. The terrible freezes of the 1980’s spelled doom for the citrus crops, and the following decades saw the dying groves replaced by housing projects and urban sprawl.

The grounds of the Tower remained unchanged until the early 1980’s, when additional business bought up and developed the land that hosted the model garden Florida (seen in the postcard in the second image and the aerial shot of the last image). The original sign was severely damaged in a storm in the late 1990’s, and could not be rebuilt due to updated codes.

Here are some pictures from when I visited on Tuesday, 9 July 2013.

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