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So, the Air and Space museum put the Skylab 4 capsule back no display! There are many interesting features to note about this capsule. First, half the Command module was white to disperse thermal heating while docked to the space station. For lunar voyages, the entire CSM/LM combo “barbecued”, or rotating on its axis, evenly dispersing heat. Docked to the Skylab, this was not an option, so half the Command module was painted white, while the other kept the reflective siding used previously.

Second would be the connecting locks on the heat shield that bound the command module to the service module.

My personal favourite thing about the capsule was he fact that, unlike many other publicly-displayed vehicles, the entire capsule was not encased in reflective plastic. Although designed for protecting the artifact, it makes pictures and overall inspection very difficult. 

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    That whole gallery is so great. I know they want to renovate it soon, but I hope they still keep some of the 70s...
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    Very cool! Hope I get a chance to see this someday.
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